A Stargate Quiz - Season 6

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Season 6

How well do you know the tv series Stargate? Answers will be revealed in the next issue.

  1. Q Who replaces Daniel in SG-1?


  2. Q What did Rodney McKay study as a child?


  3. Q How old do the Antarctic scientist's think Ayiana is?


  4. Q What is the resident of Steveston building?


  5. Q What is the name of the Tok'ra who blends with Jack?


  6. Q What name is the X-303 better known as?


  7. Q In The Changling what job does Teal'c think he has?


  8. Q In Shadow Play Dean Stockwell plays Dr Keiran, a Kelownan scientist. Which character from which show is he better known as?


  9. Q What is Anubis looking for on Abydos?


  10. Q Daniel gives a tablet of stone to SG-1 saying it gives directions to what?


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