Beer Goggles

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If you have ever had the experienced of waking up next to someone who you were sure was more attractive last night then you have experienced the effects of Beer Goggles.

What are Beer Goggles.

Beer goggles is the effect that alcohol has in making an unattractive individual desirable while you are inebriated. Of course you can contract beer goggles without actual drinking beer. Beer goggles also work their evil magic on more than just looks they also bolsters the personality of individuals making that needy, self-centered, jerk into the sweetest, nicest person you want to take home with you.

How to avoid the Goggles

The best prevention for beer goggles, besides not getting drunk, is your friends. Even if your friends are drunk they are not caught under the same infatuation as you and should let you know if your headed for trouble. If you are alone just remember this thought, "I'm drunk. Would I really like them when I'm sober?"

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