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Guns, Guns, Guns!

Guide to ammo types:

P: Pistol

CP: Caseless Pistol

L: Long (i.e. rifle-length rounds)

CL: Caseless Long (i.e. rifle-length rounds)

G: Gauge, for shotguns

EML: Electromag Long

PLP: Pistol, Liquid Propellant

LLP: Long, Liquid Propellant


Automag provide weapons exclusively for the governments and administration of human colonies. The original specification was for a lineup of low maintainance sidearms for the police, security and frontier markets. They were to use cased rounds; partly for ease of manafacture on low tech worlds, but also to help police forces log their reports after firefights.

Free custom upgrades are available to Regency employees.

Here is their current Jhenge lineup:

Automag MIa: 9mm P hammerless pistol, similar to 20th century Glock. 17 round magazine plus one up the spout. $120.

Automag MIc: MIa with brass-catcher and intergral supressor, designed for RCIA. $320.

Automag MII: ("Jerboa"): Snub-nose 10mm P. 6 shot mag; £110.

Automag MIII: Bullpup 9mm P. A prototype version had a strange back-swept grip in order to include a curved magazine, later versions had a straight clip inserted behing the grip. 18 round magazine; $180.

Automag MVI: Bullpup 6mm CP machine pistol. Fires in three-round bursts. 50 round magazine, $290.

M-P Shotgun: The Multi-Perpose is a short-barrelled 12Gauge with a 'QuickLoad' 4-round pump-action magazine. Various different pellet shots are available, as well as glue rounds for security work and solid slugs for door entries. $160.

And some import weapons:

Automag MX: 5.7mm gatling CL, with bipod mount. 100 round mag running horizontally across the top of the rifle. $600.

Automag MXII: A 'cyborg' pistol, i.e. a concealable sidearm only suitable for users with an enhanced frame. The MXII fires caseless 12mm rifle rounds. Not fully automatic, but an enhanced user can pull the trigger 4 or 5 times a second anyway.


'Cheap tat' best sums up Sitomi products. They manafacture a lot of 'gimmick' or fashion weaponry.

Alleymaster: 8mm CP, 24 round mag. Usually comes in transparent or day-glo polymers. $112.

LEctromag: 4mm EML; a boxy, deliberately high-tech pistol also known as a needler. Only fires semi-auto; 100 round mag. Considerable high-impact trauma damage to flesh. $5400.


Assan's have had a long tradition of devolping hunting weapons. There is no mass production per se, the clan Ikss hand-make each rifle. Rifles tend to be caseless large calibre rounds, powered by a seperate liquid propellant.


Always interested in developing new ways to kill or incapacitate people, this corporation avoids weapons convetions and human rights issues by situating their laboratory ships outside Regency aerospace. Their prototypes weaponry often winds up on the Jhengian black market.

Grasers: Nylell are currently working on a gamma-ray laser with an atrociously high energy rate. No power supply is compact enough to allow a vehicle or man portable version.

Superwire gun: An electromag gun; projectile is a snip from a reel of charged metal wire. Current prototypes have a rate of fire upwards of 120 rounds per second. The military are interested due to it's ability to penetrate armour but only wound infantry - wounds that are diffucult to treat.


An Earth-based company. They make benchmark TL10 solid projectile weapons. Only import versions will be found on Jhenge at 10 to 50 times the cost printed below.

Onley Ackerman: Snub nosed 6mm electrothermal pistol, used in pairs. 30 round grip-clip. $408

Onley Mark One: 5.5mm military issue electrothermal bullpup rifle. 20 inch barrel. $712

Onley Fairborough: Machine-pistol form of the Mark One. 45 round grip-clip or 80 round extended clip. $492

Onley Bazander: 3-barrelled gatling form of the Mark One. 260 round magazine. $2140

Onley Special Two: 6mm electrothermal SMG, folds into compact. 60 round extended clip. Sold to covert forces. $936

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