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Norway is a big country geograficly, but has very fue citezens, somewhere around 4,5 mill (wich is the size of an average American city).
I´s my opinion that this is a fact, because the plaig practikly wiped out half the 2/3 of Norways population, and the fact that the Norwegians have a very shy sex-life(despite what happned on the Norwegian Big Brother).
Another thing that struck me is that this people are divided by great mountains and spread all around the country, that means there is lesser people in the towns, and therefor lesser potensial partners.

Norway is known for it´s cheese, milkchokolate, those big harry things with horns, vikings, vikingships, whalefishing, the Northlights, the fjords, the big icethings, Lene Marlin, M2M, Lillian Müller(the most posted playmate ever) and of course the international D.D.E.(if you where an Norwegian you would know that was a joke).

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