glasters 2003

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We, (g/f,2 friends + 1g/f) set off on sunday lunchtime 1 1/2hours later than planned. We were travelling in style in a vw t25 <bus>, all the way down the fosse way witha slight detour via avebury to see some friends who'd gone down for the solstice. Definitely helped to get in the mood for glasters as there was hundreds of people there and a bit of a traffic problem.
Got on site fairly quickly with only a que of a few vehicles. found our crew camping area pretty quickly and had unloaded passengers and was setting up the awning just as it started to rain. Had a bit of a bimble around the site that evening in between breaks in the showers and got back to the bus just before the rain set in for the night, had dreams of 97/98 and the mud, but woke up to lovely warm sunshine. Did a few chores around the campsite, to make it ready for the 200 other lock-up crew due to arrive before the wednesday. Then had a cycle around site with my g/f and went flying my kite up at the stones.

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