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Supergroups aren't necessarily all that super. For every Cream, who had four albums and a clutch of classic songs, there's a Blind Faith, who had one album with a very dodgy cover, the second side of which was an extended drum solo. The Reindeer Section have been dubbed a 'Scottish Indie1 Supergroup'. It's a fair label, being as the band is made up of twenty-seven members of various Scottish groups on independent labels. That's right, twenty seven, almost as many as were in many seventies funk bands. Who are these people, and what have they done?

The Personnel

As The Section contains members of several Scottish indie groups, it makes sense to introduce the members via their 'day jobs' - this entry also doubles as a guide to 'Scottish Indie'. Pete Frame2 would surely approve.

Snow Patrol

All three members of Snow Patrol - Gary Lightbody, Mark McLelland, and Jonny Quinn - are also members of The Reindeer Section. Indeed, Lightbody is the driving force behind the Section, writing and singing the majority of the songs.

Snow Patrol have to date released two albums - Songs For Polar Bears and When It's All Over We Still Have To Clear Up. While both were fairly well critically received, it's fair to say that Snow Patrol seem yet to fulfil their potential, and quality control is a bit of an issue. Their main strength is Lightbody's fragile voice, an affecting thing which constantly sounds at the edge of tears.

Belle & Sebastian




Arab Strap

The Vaselines



Teenage Fanclub


...and the rest

The Music

Y'all Get Scared Now, Ya Hear!

Son of Evil Reindeer

1The term 'indie' covers a wide range of music, and doesn't actually tell you very much. Strictly speaking, as they were on an independent label, pop act Steps could qualify as indie. The term is used here grudgingly, and only because The Reindeer Section use the term on their own website.2Author of rock 'genealogy' The Complete Rock Family Trees.

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