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There are three different types of dragons so far discovered: Draco Nobilis, Draco Vulgaris and Draco Lunaris

Draco Nobilis

These creatures are intensely magical, very big, and very smart, and require a large amount of magic to stay in the world.

Draco Lunaris - "Moon Dragon"

A form of dragon found on the moon. Draco Vulgaris was evolved from this species. This species are beautiful and elegant. They also flame backward.

Draco Vulgaris - "Common Swamp Dragon"

There are currently 37 breeds of swamp dragon.

  • The Smooth Courser - Elongated feems
  • Bridisian Courser - Not a very special dragon at all
  • Ramkin's Optimist - Good-natured, seldom explodes
  • The Nothingfjord Blue - Wonderful scales, but a tendency to homesickness
  • The Common Smut - The basic swamp dragon, familiar to all
  • The Smooth-nosed Smut
  • The Rough-nosed smut
  • The Classic Smut - A very popular dragon in the traditional mould
  • Narrow-Eared Smut - Nervous and therefore short-lived
  • The Retiring Smut - rarely seen
  • Pixy-faced Smut - Many congenital problems; for experts only
  • The Flared Smut - Good with cabbage
  • Big-nosed Smut - Seldom breeds true. Attracted to mirrors
  • Birbright's Smut - Morbidly afraid of spoons
  • Birbright's Lizard - Rare mountain breed, flightless
  • The Big-nosed Jolly - Frightened of shovels
  • Wivelspiker - excitable, walks into windows
  • The Quirmian Long-ear - Mild natured, requires daily excercise
  • Spiked Oncer - Rare, needs much attention
  • The Lion-headed Cowper - A large breed, easy to keep, often afflicted with skiplets
  • Porpoise-Headed Cowper - A breed for aficionados
  • Broken-faced Cowper - seldom seen
  • Tabby Cowper - Best of the Cowpers, now quite popular
  • Tomkin's Neurovore - handsome but highly explosive
  • The Golden Rharn
  • Jessington's Blunt - rare and very stupid
  • Jessington's Deceiver - small and better behaved than the Golden. Hoards pickle jars.
  • Golden Deciever - Makes a good watch dragon; should not be allowed near children
  • Smooth Deceiver - good-natured, suitable for the smaller home
  • Horned Regal - largely nocturnal, flightless, well-coloured, short in the wouters
  • Silver Regal - A classic breed, popular in Sto Lat
  • Spike nosed Regal - one of the most beautiful of the classic dragons. Hates shoes.
  • Guttley's Leaper - Flightless, but can exceed 30mph running over open ground
  • The Pique - small, flightless, lives indoors. Eats only chicken and furniture
  • Curly-maned Slottie - amiable, tendency to slimp, seldom explosive
  • Avery's Epolette - typical miniature shoulder dragon
  • Spouter - flies very badly, but makes a suitable pet for the less discriminating household. Explodes in the presence of mint.

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