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This page is now out of date, and for all practical purposes it should be ignored. It is still here in case we want to plunder it for future pages about the UnderGuide.

You can find more information at the UnderGuide HeadQuarters, and there is a complete list of Every UG Page in Existance, which contains links to other drafts of the processes.


To select and present excellent writing which does not conform to the Edited Guidelines so that it has the same status as an Edited Entry, and so that it reaches a wider audience of readers, and so that readers can find it easily through the search and categorisation tools.


Reader - Anyone who reads H2G2 regardless of whether or not they are a researcher.

Researcher - Someone who has registered to use the site.

Author - A Researcher who creates an entry.

"Elvis" - A Researcher who either has or is thought to have 'left the building' and who is no longer active on site.

Miner - A Researcher who has volunteered and been accepted to help with the UnderGuide. Alll miners are entitled to vote for entries, be nominated as an UnderGuide Editor, vote for UnderGuide Editors, and volunteer for duties as a Gem Polisher.

Gem Polisher - A Miner who takes on the additional role of subbing UG entries - ie polishing the gems.

UnderGuide Editor - A Miner who is elected to administrate the UG business, they manifest on site via the "UG Editors" account.

Editor(s) / Italic(s) - A permanent BBC employee. Italics are Researchers too...


AWW - Or whatever the final name of the UG Review Forum is. This is the only route for entries into the UnderGuide; it is where entries are discussed and picked for subsequent polishing and publication.

Yahoo group - The Miners' Yahoo Email Group - open to Miners, Italics and the UnderGuide Editors; membership is managed by the Italics, the group is administered by the UG Editors.

Email - Some parts of the process take place by Email - particularly communications sent to and sent by the Italics.

Original entry - The entry by the Author which is submitted to the AWW and then copied by the Gem Polisher.

New entry - A copy of the Entry made by the Gem Polisher which is polished (ie subbed) for publication. It is then locked by the Italics and published as part of the Official UnderGuide.

The Process

- AuthorAny researcherMinersMiner w/ vote1Gem PolisherUG EdItalicsActivityAWWYahoo groupEmailOther
1Author------Writes entry---Original entry
2AuthorAny researcher-----Submits entry to AWWAWW---
3AuthorAny reseacher-----Comment on entry for at least one weekAWW---
4---Miner w/ vote---Votes for entry - vote #1-Yahoo group--
5--Miners----Discuss if controversial-Yahoo group--
6---Miner w/ vote---Votes for entry - vote #2-Yahoo group--
7-----UG Ed-Tells Italics entry is "picked"--Email-
8------ItalicsReview: tell UG Eds it's ok to polish
-Yahoo groupor Email-
9------ItalicsEmail author saying entry is picked--Email-
10------ItalicsMove AWW thread to entry---Italics' tools
11-----UG Ed-Allocates Gem Polisher-Yahoo groupor Email-
12----Gem Polisher--Contacts author---New thread in Author's U-Space
13----Gem Polisher--Creates new entry---New entry
14Author---Gem PolisherUG Ed-Polish the Gem---New entry and thread in (12)
15----Gem Polisher--Tells UG Eds it is ready-Yahoo group--
16-----UG Ed-Tells Italics entry ready--Email-
17-----Jodan / fwt-Add entry to UG archives & Cat system---Archive page
18------ItalicsLock entry to Italics---Italics' tools
19-----Italics-Categorise entry, add metadata and images---Italics' tools
20-----UG Ed-Adds entry to list of upcoming entries--Page on UG Eds' space-
21------ItalicsPut link to entry on Front Page---Italics' tools
22-----Italics-Email Author and Gem Polisher saying it is on front page--Email-

Comments welcome, obviously - but probably best kept in the Yahoo Group.

1Miners are allocated the right to vote for entries in the AWW by the UG Editors on a periodic basis, in the same way that Scouts are allocated the right to pick entries in PR.2
If the Italics reject it at this stage, the UG Eds handle the situation in the AWW and in the Yahoo group, if necessary

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