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UG Entry Thing

This is a work in progress of UG Processes. Those things still to be worked out are in green text.


Entry is put in AWW

The Author places the entry in the AWW and miners and AWW junkies comment on the entry. An entry can be submitted for review by a miner. Suitable entries can also be submitted for review by any other
researcher, and sometimes they can be moved to the AWW by the Italics
from the other review forums


After the entry has been in the review forum one week, it is able to be picked by a miner or miners. The process of picking is overall unclear. One option of mining an entry is a single miner's pick. The makes his pick on the mailing list and then gem polishing process begins. Voting is a very possible system as well. The voting system is also unclear. It requires multiple (Two or three?) miners to use a (quota? Limited quota?) of vote for an entry they find suitable. The editor then initiates the polishing processes.

Gem Polishing

Process for subbing entries from Ashley and Anna is in italics and blockquoted.

Entry is Reviewed

The Gem Polisher is not necessarily involved in this process. The polisher should however read the AWW thread. Once the entry is mined, it is brought to the attention of the editors on the mailing list.

* Scouting and discussion - this is where the 'peer review' should take place (not later in the process).

Entry Sent to Editors and Towers

The entry is brought to the attention of the editors, who give it a once over for standards of quality. The entry's A number is sent to the italics who make sure it is appropriate and give feedback. If everything checks out, then a gem polisher is chosen (By the miners or the UG Editors?).

* After the entry has been scouted and a sub agreed upon, alert the italic presence with the A-number so we can give it the once over for copyright, defamation etc. (Do this once a week so we can look at the entries in one batch).

* Italic will give feedback on issues mentioned above.

Editor Allocates Entry to Gem Polisher

The editors or miners collectively allocate an appropriate polisher1. The polisher visits the author's space, if they haven't left the building2. They collaborate on grammatical, formatting and content issues. After the entry has been polished to the author's satisfation.

* If green for go the Sub makes the copy of the entry and polishes the copy and it goes through the Review process by the core members. This part of the process may well make getting entries in the UG a lengthy process for you because judging things by committeee always takes longer. Try it, if it doesn't work, consider dropping this step in the future.

Entry Returned

When the polisher and author agree that the piece is finished, the UG Editors look over it, making sure it has the quaility one expects and no obvious errors. The Editors request (In batches) to be made the editors of the piece. And then it's ready for the front page.

* When it has the final go ahead, you alert us to the fact and we make the UG Editors the editors of the piece (again doing this in one batch a week makes it more structured for you and more efficient for us in the long run)

* It's then ready to go live.
1The Editors pick a polisher based on their experience and personality, IE if an entry is very emotional only the most sensitive polisher is chosen.2If they have left the building, then only the most delicate polisher is chosen.

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