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According to (Someone else's) simple hypothetical analysis and brief research, the air in Bubble Wrap is just normal air, so we can rule out traces of addictive substances, but what is so darn addictive about a packing substance? A likely reason for it is the sound and the feel of control. Either way, it's a lot of fun! Bubble Wrap has become more than a simple packing device, bubble wrap is a form of entertainment, more than that, it's one of the most simple ways of amusing yourself. It has a dark side, however.

Bubble Wrap Jealousy

Bubble Wrap is addictive, and it's not the kind of addiction that dies down or goes away. Further more, there is no pill, there is no patch that can replace the intoxicating sound of the bubble wrap. So when someone has bubble wrap and you don't it's not unprecedented to get insanely jealous. It is good manners to offer bubble wrap to others, but not entirely worth it. Bubble Wrap is like a bag of potato chips, in that you have to finish it, you wrap it up to detect any stray, unpopped bubbles or step on it. This is a goal of humans, and they will not allow other humans to ruin it.


The downside of Bubble Wrap mentality is the Alzheimer's like reaction when you realize that you're in a quiet place, like a Library. It is of course bad etiquette to pop bubbles in a Library, but when you're on the threshold of impenatrable joy, you tend not to respond to logic. Every time you see the Bubble Wrap, you forget how loud it is, or possibly you didn't hear it right last time, because your ears are all screwed up.

It is also bad manners to not offer Bubble Wrap to companions, though few expect you to. The problem is that the would be Bubble Wrap popper responds to logic, and doesn't understand why he can't pop one. But more experienced Bubble Wrap enthusiasts know that after you've popped one, you'll keep crawling back.

The younger you are, the more you enjoy bubble wrap, unless you're senile, so if you have the opportunity to give Bubble Wrap to children, share with them, or else you look like a jerk.

Popping Methods

    The tried and true classic method of popping a single bubble is to take your index finger and middle finger, put one below a bubble, one directly above, and push down and simultaneously. Another popular method for the man with no time to waste is to scrunch up the wrap and collapse it into itself. This is comparable to taking someone's arm and slapping them with it and saying, "Why are you hitting yourself?" Another quick method it to fold it neatly onto itself, this is much more thorough and almost always gets a few pops you forgot. Another method, though ineffective generally is to press the palm against a large grouping and push down. A last resort method is to put the wrap on the ground and step on it. A multi-pop method is to take two ends of the wrap and wring them out in the same way you would a towel.

The Practical Uses

Bubble Wrap was obviously invented as a soft, inexpensive packing material. It's about as useful as it is fun! Bubble Wrap is used to transport goods and mail order items without damage, but when you recieve a new parcel, which do you play with first?

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