The Ghost of Billys Pants

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The Ghost of Billys Pants

I saw the ghost of Billy's pants

When I was only ten

A spectre seldom seen although

I didn't know it then

Twas on the river Tees you see

One balmy summers eve

When Billy's pants went sailing by

And signalled time to leave

He died of being kicked into

The river by a cow

And those pants should have been

As far as Middlesborough by now

Yet there they were as large as life

Though maybe slightly wetter

I don’t suppose he needs them now

He wont be getting better

I close my eyes and see them still

Like it were just last night

And even though he's lost his pants

I know he's quite alright

So let this be a lesson

Learn to be a better swimmer

Unless you want to end up as

A fishes pantless dinner

smiley - blackcat

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