There's a Doctor at the Gate - Part 2

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Clique Headquarters, a birds eye view

This story is set during the second series of Stargate Atlantis and The Doctor's tenth incarnation.

The Tardis landed without a bump for once; the Doctor punched up an image on the screen.

'Well that's what it looks like,' he said.

Rose cocked her head to one side. 'Looks like a five-pointed star or a flower,' she remarked. The Doctor grinned.

'Shall we see if anyone's home?'

He headed for the door and opened it, turning to look at her over his shoulder as he headed out. With any luck they'll have the kettle' — his voice died at the sound of rifles being cocked — 'on.' Rose came out behind him.

'What's going on?' She stopped as she saw the suspiciously human-looking guns pointed at them.

'Who are you and how did you get through our shields?' asked Sheppard. The Doctor grinned.

'I'm the Doctor, she's Rose and the Tardis can land anywhere,' he replied. Rose tapped him on the shoulder.

'Why is the Tardis giving him an American accent?' she asked.

'The Tardis isn't translating — he is American.' He pointed to the patches on their uniforms. 'They're all Americans.'

Rose snorted in disgust. 'You mean we came all the way to a planet in another galaxy to find the bloody Yanks have beaten us to it? Talk about Germans and sunbeds, but this is ridiculous!' she said.

Sheppard grinned as some of his men sniggered. This girl was going to be trouble. He looked her up and down. She was still a kid; shame she wasn't older.

'What are you lot doing here anyway? Humanity shouldn't have come this far this quickly,' said the Doctor, 'and this galaxy's in trouble if humanity have sent Americans with guns to explore it.'

'And we're pleased to meet you too, Doctor,' said Sheppard. 'I think you'd better come and meet Dr Weir.' He motioned them to follow.

The Doctor was angry; Rose could feel it. She grabbed his hand and squeezed it. 'Don't start preaching that "Humanity isn't ready to explore space yet" speech. Listen to what they have to say. I know we haven't got off to a good start what with Harriet Jones and that Torchwood Death Ray thing of hers, but this might be a Captain-Kirk-five-year-mission type thing.' Rose grinned at him. 'Don't start a fight. I'd expect that of the old you, but this you has a few more manners,' she said. The Doctor looked at her then grinned his maniacal grin.

'I promise. I can't believe I missed this: humanity's first serious exploration in space, and Americans too — there goes the neighbourhood,' he replied. Rose started to chuckle. Sheppard looked back at them — she had an infectious laugh, he thought.

Back in the Gateroom, Weir was going over what she'd been told about the intruders: a small blue telephone box that held two humans had materialised under their shields like they weren't there. She'd relayed what she'd been told to McKay and Zelenka, who were positively drooling at the prospect of getting their hands on such superior technology.

'A blue police phone box that can materialize through Ancient shielding — I have got to see it in action,' said Zelenka, practically rubbing his hands. 'This has to be more superior to anything the Ancients have; these people could be more advanced than the Ancients.' McKay gave him a withering look.

'According to Colonel Sheppard, this superior blue box is piloted by an eccentric Englishman in a suit and tie and a blonde teenage girl — hardly "More advanced than the Ancients",' Rodney sneered. Zelenka rolled his eyes and muttered something in his own language.

'Dr Weir, we're bringing these... people into your office,' said Sheppard's voice in her ear.

'Okay, John,' she replied. Daniel appeared at her elbow.

'Do you mind if I join in? I'd like to know what they know.' She nodded.

During their walk from the Tardis, Rose had tried to chat up Sheppard. He seemed a nice enough guy, she decided.

'So, how'd you get here?' she asked.

'Classified, ma'am,' he replied. Rose laughed.

'Classified? We land on your top-secret base in a ship that you've never seen before, you're taking us to be interrogated about how we got through your shields and you're worried about classified information? Don't be so paranoid!

'Don't forget these are Americans — they thrive on paranoia. How do you think J Edgar Hoover and Joe McCarthy stayed in power for so long? They fed the population's fear,' replied the Doctor. Rose sighed.

'Don't mind him. If he hasn't had his tea he gets a little touchy,' she said. Sheppard smiled.

'Well, that was a little before my time,' he replied, determined to gain the upper hand.

'Now, he was a strange bloke, J Edgar Hoover. You know, the stories about the women's underwear were true. He had drawers full of them, strange bloke,' the Doctor said wistfully as they came to the Gateroom.

There's A Doctor At The Gate


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