A Stargate Quiz - Season 5

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Season 5

How well do you know the tv series Stargate? Answers will be revealed in the next issue.

  1. Q What does Apophis do to Teal'c?


  2. Q In Ascension what is the name of the alien who falls in love with Sam and what alien (not from SG-1) is John de Lancie better known as?


  3. Q What does Adrian Conrad do to cure himself of his illness?


  4. Q What is the name of Cassandra's boyfriend?


  5. Q Who is the Goa'uld the Tollan High Chancellor does a deal with?


  6. Q What is the side effect of the Aschen's long-life vaccine?


  7. Q What is significant about the episode Wormhole X-Treme?


  8. Q Which major System Lord (in future episodes) makes his debut in Summit/Last Stand?


  9. Q What happens to Daniel in Meridian?


  10. Q Which Goa'uld becomes the new bad guy on the block at the end of Season 5?


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