A Stargate Quiz - Season 4 Solution

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Season Four

How well do you know the tv series Stargate? Here are the answers to the Season 4 questions.

  1. Q What country does the Replicator-infested submarine come

    A Russia


  2. Q What is the name of the Tok'ra who is running experiments on SG-1?

    A Freya/Anise


  3. Q In Window of Opportunity Jack hands Hammond his
    resignation, so he can do what?

    A Kiss Sam


  4. Q Who sold Stargate secrets to which country and the actress playing Dr Markov is better known for playing another character. Who?

    A Colonel Maybourne, to Russia. Deanna Troi from Star Trek TNG


  5. Q What device was found on the X-301 that caused it to malfunction?

    A A homing beacon


  6. Q Which System Lord did Sarah Gardener release from stasis?

    A Osiris


  7. Q In Chain Reaction Jack introduces himself and his
    accomplice to Senator Kinsey's wife as whom?

    A Starsky and Hutch


  8. Q In 2010 who is Sam married to?

    A Joe Faxon


  9. Q What is the name of the Harcesis Child?

    A Shifu


  10. Q What do Sam and Jacob/Selmak do to Vorash's sun?

    A Blow it up


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