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As a guitarist (well, someone who plays guitar, "guitarist" sounds far too proficient), I am struggling with the curse of the string instrument player: sore fingers. After injuring my hand (a long story involving my thumb, the steering wheel of my car and a rapid, unplanned movement due to a large pothole in one of Walsall*'s less well-tarmacced roads), I haven't been playing much recently, but now I can play again, my fingers are softer than Walter the Softie (one for Beano fans, there) after he has been soaked in moisturiser for a long time. I play guitar. Guitar hurts me. I swear. Loudly. I try again, and develop blisters, which of course means I can't play for longer, because the pain is increased by a factor of ten.

So, is there a cure for this affliction. Someone mentioned surgical spirit, but as a smoker smothering my hand in highly flammable liquid is probably not sensible. Certainly, seeing as I am trying to alleviate pain, and not inflict more on myself. Any tips folks? And if someone says "play your guitar more", I'll hunt them down and poo in their cornflakes, 'cos I'm TRYING to play more, but can't, cos it hurts! (exit stage left, mumbling incoherently, clenching and unclenching fists...)

* for further slanderous comments on Walsall, go to my Personal Space and follow the link to that particularly nasty little number...

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