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Here's some folks who've been kind enough to help me out whence I floundered, listen to me ramble, keep me company when I can't sleep or just generally be super-froody (in no particular order):

beeline - My buddy Chris! Miss our talks like nobody's business! This guy got a new job in Covent Garden just so that he could be close enough to smell TDV. ;-) Seriously, one of the smartest guys you'll ever discuss nothing in particular with.

Greg - a.k.a. CrazyOne :-). You know that someone's a true friend when they stay up into the wee hours with you every morning, just so that you don't have to face going to sleep. I love this guy to bits - he hasn't only helped me with various online odds and ends, but he has the uncanny ability to explain what I'm trying to say to others. Very super-froody!

Ant - A bona fide sweetheart, hard at work (hee hee!) at the BBC. I don't get to talk to him as often as I'd like, which is really a pity! I'd never imagine what you could get when you cross an Ant with a Rabbit, but somehow he makes it work.

beetle - My Wonder Twin!! We have more scary things in common than two people should. :-) Check out the cool and strange new languages he studies, and if you're really lucky Corvette Summer and Star Wars Trivial Pursuit will ensue.

The Krissy!!! The first online buddy I was able to see in person. I think that should be the rule - If you meet anybody offline, it should be her! Rain-soaked adventures in the big city, she didn't let me get hit by cars and taught me how to accessorize at Lord and Taylor's. That makes you beautiful in my book!

If you ever have a question about how to run up your phone bill, just ask Spartus. It's always easy to talk to someone when that someone happens to be this guy! Just don't get upset if finishing a thought is your thing, because Picnic Apes will invariably come up. Damn them!

bubster, our little hottie down under! You'll always be an Information vendor to me. :-) (*DING DING*)

Gary (SeƱor, Hola!) - I have a strange connection with this amazing person...could be the Leo thing, could be the Tom Robbins. What ever it is, it makes him a super-fabulous person to chat with...when he's not traveling that is!

Kristina Marie - I don't know quite how to explain this relationship...KM inadvertently helped orient me to the big, wacky DNA family, but at the same time (a brief, shining time) she and I were like the dynamic duo of DNA.com - cracking people up with a single...er, double entendre. She's a super-froody gal with a bright future - as long as someone keeps in a fresh bulb. Visit her page - it's a good thing.

Kate - She has to be the hardest working woman on the internet! Not only does she manage our home away from home, Floor42, but many other fabulous websites as well. She's a mover and shaker all over the place...though she's far too modest to admit it. :-)

Mr. Douglas Adams - You are missed.

And who could forget the guys and gal who helped us all (as well as Mr. Adams) get here - Mr. Jim Lynn, Mr. Mark Moxon and Ms. Peta Haigh. Thank you sirs and ma'am, and what a great job you've done.

If I've forgotten anyone, I'm terribly sorry. No really, I am.

And thanks to all you guys for keeping me grounded...

You complete me.

Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! -Amanda ;P

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