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There is no getting around it - an internet version of the Hitchhikers Guide is completely bare without an entry specifically devoted to those wonderful pets of ours... towels. These massively useful things serve a multitude of purposes... from warmth to comfort to fashion statements. Think of it as a distress signal and security blanket all in one! Your towel serves as a turban, clean up device, foot-warmer, and parachute.. not to mention numerous other uses which, quite frankly, would make this entry a bit lengthy.
More importantly, knowing that you have a towel will vastly improve your standing in the eyes of others. Who do you know that can hitchhike the breath and depth of the galaxy and know exactly where his towel is and what he used it for last?
Remember, it is very important that when you buy this all important towel you make sure that *it* is the towel you want to spend your days in the universe with. You must love it as a brother, cherish it as a friend, and wash it when necessary (sure, those stains might bring back precious memories, but who can be proud of a towel that smells? Please. Wash it. We're begging you. The towel can't keep you clean and dry when it isn't.) Name it if you need to! And in your will, bestow it on the most important person in your life... if you're willing to part with it then.

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