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***MUSIC VENUES IN SHEFFIELD*** (under slow construction!)


Where is it? Leadmill Road, near Sheffield Station (centre of Sheffield), below Arundel Gate.
How much approximately do tickets cost? Depending on the band but you can expect to pay £7-£12
Where can i get tickets? On the door, by phone (phone number on site) or from Jacks Records (Division St)
Age range - 18+ most nights (club nights and some live gigs) and some gigs are 14+

The Leadmill is a medium sized, standing venue (about 300 person capacity?) The bands that play here vary, but tend to be famous but not massive bands. Bands that have played at here or will play soon include - Bowling for Soup, Murderdolls, Spunge, The Strokes, Something Corporate, Hell is for Heroes, OK:GO, The Damned, Finch, 80's Matchbox B-Line Disaster, The Cooper Temple Clause, Shed 7. There are 2 bars, and a main stage, with a seperate room adjoining. There are cloakroom facilities and opportunities to buy merchandise.
Gigs are usually about twice a week. There are club nights as well.


Where is it? Angel Street, opposite the new hotel, down the street from Argos, next to Laserquest.
How much are tickets? Again varies but generally between £3-£4
Website -
Where i can i get tickets? On the door, by phone (phone number on site) or from Jacks Records (Division St)
Age range - 14+

The Boardwalk is a fairly small venue which is partially seated around tables and partially a standing venue (100-200 people).
The bands that play here are generally obscure or unsigned - unsigned bands nights make up about 1/3 of gigs Various gigs/events happen almost every night. Demo cds/albums/merchandise can be purchased on site. There is 1 small stage and 1 bar. (note - this venue is very smoky and VERY LOUD!!!!!! You may be made temporarily deaf for several hours). The unsigned bands nights consist of 4 bands, from most professional to least professional.


Where is it?
Its situated at Hillsborough tramstop, on Langsett Road, Hillsborough, Sheffield.
How much are the tickets - Varies.
Website -
Where can i get tickets? At the venue - its a pub so the bands that play here are usually unsigned.
Age range - 14+

The venue is the back room of a pub. It's fairly large, and has a good sized stage. The building used to be a swimming pool, hence the name. Most of the bands that play here are local, and there are weekly 'turn up and play' jam sessions. There is ample seating and the stage is visible throughout the room. However, the seats and tables are right next to the stage so hardly anyone stands and there is never dancing when bands are on.

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