The Most Useful Things in the World

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Note- this is a basic outline. When new ideas occur, some will be bumped up and down and added and deleted. Rankings subject to change

As everyone full and well knows, the most useful thing in the world is, in fact a towel. But it got me wondering, what are the other most useful things in the galaxy? Not necessarily if you're stranded on a desert island (The only thing a towel will do there is dry you) but in day to day life. What are some of the most useful things made?

First Place

Why a towel of course. The towel is one of the most inexpensive and useful things on the market. It goes beyond its original purpose of drying you off. It can clothe you, hide you, warm you and even feed you. It can be used as a glider, a pillow and countless other things. Chances are, it can do more than humans ever expected.

Second Place

As humans are by nature, crafty, they have constructed a great marvel in efficiency and design in two things. Digital Watches and Swiss Army Knives. These are meant to be useful. There are no surprise uses, but it's still amazing how they pack all of it in the tiny spaces.

Coming up slightly behind Swiss Army Knives is Duct Tape. It can repair and bind anything. Some unorthodox uses include quieting a person and taping them to a chair. Interestingly, normal tape is better than taping up ducks than Duct tape, which sounds like duck.

Duct tape is one of the most useful things in the universe. You can wrap packages, patch your radiator hose so that your car will get you to the next town, or hold your ancient tennis shoes together until payday.

Third Place

Never underestimate the value of extension cords. During the holiday season, they come in unestimatable value both in plugging applicances in (IE Dancing Santa) or strangling people who didn't get you a present (IE Dancing Santa). They can knot, be used as a rope, a rat electrocution trap or the metal ends can be used to stab people (Or rats).

Fourth Place

Socks, basically mini-towels are very useful. Besides the worthy enough fact that they keep your feet warm, they can hold things. People have been known to keep a coin in their sock, just in case. Socks are basically pockets on your feet, except when you lean down, the contents don't fall.

Other Things that Impressed the Judge

  • A Bag- Bags are perhaps the best method of carrying things. Arms and moving vehicles aren't nearly as convenient. In fact, a bag can carry several towels, socks, cords, watches and knives.
  • Tissues- Paper Towels. They aren't reusable, but are useful when you don't want to stain your towel, such as sneezes, coughs or small contained spills. Which leads to the next one...
  • Glasses- It's both improper and unhealthy to drink from a container. A glass is also useful for bar fights, drinking from a running stream, and even sometimes holding solids.
  • Paper- once upon a time, before computers, there was the option of handwriting your thoughts. This is also the same thing that comes out of your printer. This can be used for anything from drafting a constitution to an insane rambling. King or peasent any person should have some paper with them.
  • Mask- Whether pulling a robbery or trick or treating, a mask can do more than conceal an identity. It can let you assume a new identity. You can make a mask out of paper!
  • Fire (Candle)- It gives light! It gives life! It gives heat! It gives way to pyromaniacs. Candles are perfect for lighting up a mysterious corridor or making wax.
  • Belt- A belt can hold your pants up, it can whip a person, it can lasso, tie or hold just about anything. Likewise, a keychain is also very important.
  • Wet Wipes- Sometimes moist towelettes, they are very useful. Having the word towel in moist towelettes, it assures you of a cerain level of usefulness. You can carry them in your bag for when you run out of toilet paper or barring that, cleaning up your undergarments.

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