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There are actually only two types of toys. The first category is toys that are fun to play with and actually do what they say or promise on thier commercial spot. The second and rather infamous group are those that are not fun and do not live up to thier ads. This article will attempt to list both groups. Readers are encouraged to add their own comments that hopefully will be eventually included.

Good Toys

Mousetrap Game

This is a great toy. Most kids never play the game, they just setup the parts and watch the steel ball perform scripted Rube Goldberg moves down the stairs and eventually trap the mouse.Frisbee

Another great toy. Simple, yet hours of fun. I remember spending each night until it got dark in Las Vegas in a cul-de-sac playing Dodge-Frisbee, a gme we invented. In order to reduce injury the rules required that you had to skip the friebee off the pavement before hitting anyone. This made us all Jedi-masters of getting a friebee to go where you wanted it after it skips. A tough zen excercise to say the least.Slip and Slide
An immortal classic! Another hit by Whammo who also gave us theHula-Hoop
Who would have ever thought a simple hoop could be so much funTickle-Me Elmo
Don't have one but understand it is a great toyEasy-Bake Oven
Still popular today some 40 years after introductionLegos
Many other connection toys are also popular, but this is due to the imagination skills of the userPlay Dough
Hey, still a big seller todaySlot Cars
Falling off in popularity, they once evn had public slot car tracks everywhere. May still be popular in Japan and I think is still popular in Australia. Home slot cars now glow in the dark and climb walls. Not to be confused with Matchbox cars or Hot Wheels.Electric Trains
The only toy so cool that adults can play with it until they die!Most Video Game Consoles

Won't say much, own Magnavox Oddysey, Atari 2600, Atari 5200, Atari 7800, Ninetendo, Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, Gamecube, Gameboy, Gameboy Advance, Sega Handheld, Playstation, A Standup Pacman Arcade game, and Sitdown Pole Position II Arcade game and a Standup Galaxian Arcade game. A new thread of good games and bad games could be started.Erector SetsSlinkyColor FormsPlastigoop

Bad Toys

Harry Potter's Game of Quiddich

This is probably the worst recycling attempt of old slot car tracks ever made.13 Dead End Drive
The less said the better. Trades on the reputation of Mousetrap and CLue, but never delivers.Vibrating Football and Hockey Games
Real bad stuff. Very expensive and totally worthless. As a kid those of us who did not own one were convinced it was the coolest toy ever. We were fooled by the high price, the neat photographs and the commercials. Oh, and don't forget the final factor. It was Electric! YOU HAD TO PLUG IT IN! Automatically cool. Well theory and practice proved to somewhat different. In actual fact the figures never did anything but vibrate around in circles. Oh like waiting for the heat death of the universe, eventually the guy with the felt "ball" might cross the goal line. Usually not and it seemed that he usually crossed the other players goal line instead. Major ripoff. After persuading several kids to get theirs out of the closet, when the box was spotted, I saw the games for what they were, useless rubbish! I vowed never again to be fooled by Madision Avenue and began reading MAD Magezine.

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