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So then...what bands does everyone like?

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Twenty-First Century Schizoid Man

My other list was full of filler.

-LED ZEPPELIN: The first heavy metal band. Through inspiration from folk, world music, psychedelia, and the blues, they made the best heavy metal there is.

-Black Sabbath: The second, heavier metal band.

-Tool: Neo-progressive heavy metal that rocks.

-Pantera: !!!RAWK!!! Nineties thrash.

-Slayer: Mad thrashing proto-death metal. Number one in the Big Four, in my opinion.

-Faith No More: Heavy...and yet funky.

-White Zombie: Alternative metal that was also traditional metal.

-Jimi Hendrix: He was the first awesomely great electric guitarist, and I don't think anyone has innovated more than him. He was just as good at manipulating effects, distortion and feedback as he was on the axe itself, which is really saying a lot.

-Metallica: The EARLY stuff. Up until the black album. After that it got worse and worse. Load was stodgy, reload was a rehash, and I'm not even going into St Anger. Christ. Before that they gave Slayer a run for their money.

-Sepultura: Unbelievably heavy death metal. They rock.

So then...what bands does everyone like?

Post 102

Researcher 185550

smiley - ok

You have a good list. Thanks for the tips, I'm a bit lost as to where to go now.

So then...what bands does everyone like?

Post 103

Twenty-First Century Schizoid Man

go to jimi hendrix. sounds like youd like him.

So then...what bands does everyone like?

Post 104

Researcher 185550

I have some of his stuff. I love Voodoo Child, but I wasn't sure where to go next. Stevie Ray Vaughn maybe.

So then...what bands does everyone like?

Post 105

The Psycho Chicken -- self respect intact

SRV is fantastic, but quite a lot more straightforward blues than Hendrix, and also more accessible.

Try out 'In Step' - it's brilliant.

smiley - chick

So then...what bands does everyone like?

Post 106

Researcher 185550

smiley - cheers Thanks. Can you perhaps reccomend, any, erm, whassee called, Freddie King? Mebbe you not heard him.

So then...what bands does everyone like?

Post 107

Researcher 232059

*LuLah Toddles Into The Middle Of Everyone...*

well, the bands i listen to are my ruin, jack off jill, siouxie and the banshees, l7, the sex pistols, the damned, the velvet underground, metallica, marilyn manson(early stuff only, latest stuff is unoriginal n too cliched),tura satana, violent delight, barbee killed kenn, candyass, orgy, placebo, alice cooper, veruca salt etc

So then...what bands does everyone like?

Post 108

The Psycho Chicken -- self respect intact

Freddie King - well all I have from him is an excellent 2 CD set from EMI called 'King of the Blues'. It's mainly his later stuff, but is really good.

Hope that's of use.... smiley - chick

So then...what bands does everyone like?

Post 109

Researcher 185550

smiley - ok Thanks, it is. I heard "While the Moon is Shining"(I think) on a 2CD blues set I got from Borders, but to be honest that's the only track I listen to in the whole compilation. It's so good....

So then...what bands does everyone like?

Post 110

Bassman - Funny how people never ceases to amaze me!

This may take some time - pull up a chair.

The Stranglers
Sex Pistols
Deep Purple
Thin Lizzy
Pink Floyd
Level 42
Jethro Tull
Bon Jovi
Thrash The Rabbit
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Beech Boys
Iron Maiden
Scissor Sisters

Who have I seen?

Genesis (5 times), Marillion (3 times), Deep Purple, Asia, The Stranglers, Yes (twice), Seal (5 times), Anastacia, Mel C, Gabrielle, Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, Thrash the Rabbit (Swindon band - unsigned 5 times), Mark King (Level 43), Motorhead, Paul Young, Status Quo (3 times), Gary Moore, Magnum, AC/DC, Nickleback, Rush, Pendragon (twice), <Frankie Goes To Hollywood, ABC, The Buggles, Tatu, Grace Jones, > Jethro Tull, Queen.

That's the best I can do with my failing memory - there are a few bands too crap to mention - mainly support acts and some of the less than cool bands Trevor Horn has worked with smiley - laugh

Who have I played on the same bill as....?

Bill Wyman and the Rhythm Kings

Mick Abrahams (former Jethrow Tull guitarist - featured in the line up in Never Mind The Buzzcocks

What am I listening to at present?

I just got hold of a copy - after many years searching - of the very first gig I ever went to - Genesis at the Lyceum 7th May 1980. It was done as sight and sound in concert, which for all you youngsters was a simultaneous broadcast by Radio 1 and BBC 2's Old Gray Whistle Test. It's in the CD player in the car. I also listen to Ta Da by the Scissor Sisters a fair bit - you just gotta love it!

My Rock claim to fame....

Giving Rick Parfitt a ticket to one of my gigs. I met him in a guitar shop in Denmark Street, so was obliged. It's a story I can tell my Grand Kids - as and when....

Bassman smiley - cool

So then...what bands does everyone like?

Post 111

Bassman - Funny how people never ceases to amaze me!

OK Who spotted the Mark King Level 43 typographical blunder?

Obviously not me - till it was too late smiley - doh

Bassman smiley - cool

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