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This entry looks at a number of websites that are invaluable in learning more about the hi-octane world of Formula One. Hopefully they will provide what you are looking for.

The Official Site

  • Formerly an unofficial site until the domain name was bought by Formula One Administration Ltd after the 2002 season, was relaunched by FIA shortly before the Australian Grand Prix in 2003. As an official site, it contains pretty much everything you need to know about the sport, with up-to-date news, team listings, TV broadcast information, a gallery of exclusive shots plus a handy countdown to the next big event.

  • Unofficial News Sites

    • is a well-organised specialist news site for Formula One that is updated not just daily but whenever news breaks. Also included on this site are track maps, basic driver biographies, testing coverage, photograph galleries, and comprehensive results from 1998 to the present. This site also offers a well-run live timing and scoring system for every race weekend including practice, qualifying, and race. This allows web surfers to follow the running order updated regularly and read live commentary on the race. A five-star site.

    • is another news site that is updated with great regularity, making it ideal for the eager Formula One fan. The major advantage this site has over most new sites is the fact that it contains the complete finishing order for every race from 1950 to the present, including each drivers starting positions. As with any other news site, it offers track maps, driver and team biographies and the like. A great source for day-to-day Formula One information.

    • is updated daily with news from all over Formula One, but the big plus that this site has is the amount of in-house analysis and commentary. They even find time and a way to focus on the behind-the-scenes action of race engineers and the like.

    • offers many things your typical site doesn't offer. Their Alternative Championship is highly recommended; it is hilarious. The news is always fresh and up-to-date and it is even said that people like Dan Gurney use this site as their source for Formula One. So get on over, customise the page to your favourite team's colours and start reading up.

    Official Team Websites

    • is the official homepage for Ferrari and their Formula One team. It contains information on Ferrari road cars, history and racing.

    • is the homepage for the McLaren team which includes news, photos, entertainment and team history.

    • is the homepage for the Williams Formula One team. Again, it contains team news and information along with links to the team sponsors. Also on this site however, included for each track, is the telemetry of one lap by one of their drivers, showing speed, gear choice, engine revs, throttle percentage and steering lock.

    • is the homepage for the reborn factory Renault team. Renault are back in Formula 1 as a factory effort again and as their team grows it looks like their website will as well. Keep checking back to see what new features are added..

    • is the webpage for the official site for British American Racing, the factory Honda team in all but name. A comprehensive site for the team with all the usual information along with a listing of job openings at the team. Care to apply anyone?

    • is the home for information on Formula 1's newest team. A very clean design for the window to the team of Japan's automotive giant. A good read are the articles on Toyota's climb through the motorsport ranks over the years. Makes you wonder why they waited so long to tackly Formula 1.

    • is the official site for the Benson & Hedges-sponsored Jordan Formula One team. A notable tidbit on their site is the fact that parts of their past cars or team materials are for sale on the site. News, photos, and games are also included.

    • is the homepage for the Swiss-based Sauber team. A nicely-compiled website covering both the sport and personal side of the team. Be sure to check out the car history section covering every Sauber made racecar and it includes graphic morphs contrasting different designs, a great treat.

    • is the site of the Ford-backed Jaguar Formula One team. Membership is required on this site for most things but the membership (the basic one anyway) is free, so join up now.

    • is the homepage for the smallest team, Minardi. Recently taken over and revitalised, their site reflects this and is still growing. Be sure to check in on a site that is run by a very enthusiastic, passionate team.

    Statistics is a comprehensive site for every statistic for Formula One you could dream of. A great resource for who has done what where and when. Definitely worth checking out to see where drivers stand when compared to each other.

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