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ID badges

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You do have to have the smile as well... flash the card and smile...

ID badges

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As a fully paid up member of the scientific/engineer fraternity, specifically the branch which visits other places to fix stuff travel agents break. i can say that the I.D. badge has two different effects. 1) the shop is so happy to see someone who knows how the machines work, that they will gladly accept any form of rectangular plasic ( loyalty cards, video cards, the coupons from cerial packets) as ID. or 2) the manager is so distrusting that one badge is never enough and you have to provide three forms of identification and two phone numbers, before they let you on site.
A bizzare aplication of murphy's law provides that a job lasting ten minutes will be in a shop af manager style 2. and a job lasting 2 days on a site of military sensitivity, will have security of type 1.

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