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Uruk-Hai! ATTACK!!!

The Uruk-Hai are off to war. Soon Helm's Deep will be beseiged, and what better way to celebrate than an Uruk Fun Run! smiley - biggrin

The Rules are easy. Sign yourself up as either a Good Guy or a Bad Guy, then choose your race:
Good Guys: Man of Gondor, Man of Rohan, High Elf, Wood Elf, Dwarf or Hobbit.
Bad Guys: Orc, Goblin (including Warg Riders) or Uruk-Hai.

Rules of the Run:

The rules are easy. The Bad Guys run around H2G2, plundering and pillaging as they go, the Good Guys must try to stop them. For the purposes of fun, please try to target Lord of The Rings based pages, or anything run by someone with a "Good Guy" name (eg: Arwen, Aragorn, etc) smiley - winkeye.

Let the run begin!

Join the Uruk-Hai!

Join the Good Guys and help stop the run!

Where does the Run begin?

Ah... that would be telling... smiley - winkeye

For all the Bad Guys out there, I'll give you the current location when you start. It'll be winding randomly throughout H2G2 (god bless the Infinite Improbability Drive!). The Good Guys will have to try and find the Run by any means (except looking on people's homepages!) Please, act in the spirit of the Run. I'll give clues if you really need them...

Catch us if you can! Onward! smiley - run

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Infinite Improbability Drive

Infinite Improbability Drive

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