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The Hoobs - an Overview

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Anybody who is up at a ridiculous time in the morning in England will be aware that Channel 4 has the rights to show the educational docudrama The Hoobs, about alien creatures visiting Earth. The Osbournes follows a similar format, but is on later. This entry will help you understand the fuss about the Hoobs.

About the Hoobs

The Hoobs are a race of brightly-coloured creatures from a planet known in their native tongue as 'Hoobland'. Obsessed with trivia, Hoobs will spend all day trying to answer questions ranging from 'How can you cross the ocean?' to 'What should I put in my pocket?', suggesting some sort of cultural compulsive disorder.


Their technology is biological, with their transport being powered by small singing creatures called Motorettes, which sing the same song in different styles, these being Gilbert and Sullivan, Mudd and Dreadful.

The Hoobs on Earth

There are actually Hoobs on Earth, or 'The Peep Planet', as they refer to it. The four Hoobs on Earth, Iver, Tula, Groove and Roma, are all here collecting information for their boss, called Hubba Hubba, who is compiling a great 'Hoobapaedia', in which all the trivia in the universe is to be contained.


Unusually, for a race of information gatherers, instead of talking to fully grown adults, they restrict their questions to children, or 'tiddlypeeps', which may explain why they only ask trivial questions about the contents about their pockets instead of quantum physics.


Overall, the Hoobs are quite pleasant, and are a lot of fun, and are quite into inuendo, especially with their Hoobynuts and the pasttime of 'waggling and woofing'!

Most bizarre.

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