A Conversation for Saxophones


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Arnold Bennet once said that "The saxophone is the embodied spirit of beer." To a certain extent, I agree- it can be smooth or bitter, dark or light, and its always mildly intoxicating. Now, if only we can do something about the taste. My mouthpiece tends to taste like the accumulation of all my bad breath from the last ten years.


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Deano (Keeper of lemonade)

Dear spirited, perhaps you should try cleaning the mouth piece from time to time, you know actually undoing the ligature and peeling the reed off! so that you can pull a rag through the mouth piece ( which if you haven't done for a while will reveal a disgusting yellow slime, and i speak from experience) or alternatively, try brushing your teeth a little more frequently and then you won't notice how much your breath smells.

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