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How to Make Vinyl Bowls

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With its interesting musical theme and variety of uses, the vinyl bowl is a quirky addition to any room. Not only are the bowls cheap and simple to make, but a certain amount of satisfaction is gained by making something for yourself.

Many second-hand record stores and charity shops will carry an almost unlimited supply of cheap and unlistenable vinyl; perfect material for making bowls from. The type of record used for this entry is the standard 7" single with a small centre.

You Will Need

  • One 7" record1
  • An oven-safe pudding basin, or deep bowl, with a diameter of slightly less than seven inches
  • One oven, pre-heated to 100°C (approximately 210°F)


  1. Turn the pudding basin upside down, so that it is resting on its rim. Place the record on top, so that both sides are exposed to the air (and later, heat).

  2. Place the bowl, with the record still balanced on top, into the oven.

  3. After a couple of minutes the record will become quasi-malleable. Despite being soft, the record can still be easily picked up with the bare hand; it won't be sticky. However, the pudding basin, or bowl, will be very hot so extra care is needed.

  4. After five minutes of heating, the record will be pliable enough to bend into a bowl shape. This can be easily checked by inspecting the record with one's hand.

  5. Quickly turn the basin over, so that it is the 'correct' way up2. Place the record on top of the pudding basin, and press the label down into it. Vinyl hardens very quickly, so this needs to be done as rapidly as possible.

  6. The record will take the shape of the interior of the bowl, with its edges forming folds. After a minute or two, the vinyl will cool leaving a rigid bowl.

If the finished bowl is not satisfactory, then simply return it to the oven and repeat the process again.

1Seven inches being the diameter of most vinyl singles. It is possible to make vinyl bowls out of larger records, but using smaller records is easier.2If the basin is hot, then a second bowl may be used. As speed is essential, using a second bowl can be very effective.

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