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'We Can Build Our Dreams' - the Song

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We can build our dreams on inspiration
We can show the way with a new direction
But if we falter or we fall
We'll still get up for more
And when the writing's on the wall
We'll look back and recall

'We Can Build Our Dreams' was a song written by Danny Charity, a member of the band 'Kaught in the Akt'. The song was written for Chesterfield Football1 Club's historic FA Cup run in the 1996-7 season where they made it to the semi-final. This was very unusual as Chesterfield were the underdogs in the tournament and were playing in the English Nationwide Second Division at the time, and it was a rare occurrence for a team not in the English Premiership or First Division to make it so far in the tournament. The song was performed by the Chesterfield Football Team (including their manager at the time, John Duncan) and Kaught in the Akt.

Kaught in the Akt consisted of four members at the time:

  • Lynsey Edwards - vocals
  • Tony Edwards - guitar
  • Craig Eyre - keyboard
  • Danny Charity - programming

The song 'We Can Build Our Dreams' was recorded after Chesterfield's 1-0 win over Nottingham Forest in the fifth Round of the FA Cup. The song features radio out-takes from Radio Hallam FM of the fifth round match against Nottingham Forest. The song shows the pride of the Chesterfield players and their will to keep on going whether they win or lose. Phrases like 'We'll fly our flag, the Spireites always keeping up the fight' are particularly effective in showing the Chesterfield players' pride for their club, and phrases like 'We'll never give in now' show that, even when they are playing bigger teams and are losing, the Chesterfield players will keep on fighting, always trying their best to win.

Although the song is not well known and is not a big hit, it is effective in showing people what Chesterfield Football Club and the Chesterfield players are all about. Chesterfield did not win the cup, but their 1996-7 cup run is one of the most memorable events in the club's history. The 1996-7 season is known as the year of the giantkillers, not only because of Chesterfield's cup run but also because of the cup runs of two Nationwide Conference football teams, Stevenage Borough and Woking FC, who managed to reach the third round of the FA Cup.

1Soccer, in the USA.

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