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Rescue Diver

As a crohn's sufferer I was interested to read the article. I'm currently receiving treatment for a flare up - they seem to happen to me every seven years or so and I can totally relate to the experience of just wanting to curl up in a corner and die.

Luckily I seem to respond well to prednisolone - and thoroughly enjoy the feeling of well-being and energy I have when I take them. Though that could equally be attributed to the natural 'high' of not feeling like crap and being able to get up and do a full normal day's activity without persistent pain.

Over the years I've tried to figure out if there's any reason, dietary or lifestyle that coincides with the flare ups. It may just be coincidence, or exacerbation rather than cause - but the flare ups have always come at times when I've been under great emotional stress. However I've also been through stressful times without having a flare up - so it's as much a mystery to me as it is to the medical profession.

It took a long time for it be initially diagnosed. Not helped by the fact that I was living in Japan at the time. No disrepect to the Japanese medical profession but I had to fly home whereupon I was immediately hospitalised and given a series of blood transfusions as my blood iron level was very low. I also had the rather unpleasant task of collecting my stool for a week in big jar. Very unpleasant as I was also suffering chronic diahorrea at the time. I had colonsocopies, endoscopies, barium meals - the full works. And have been through most of that again recently. Fun - particularly if you go for the valium option rather than the spray for the endoscopy.

Although bad enough I'm fortunate that my attacks have never been as severe as some I've heard about. Fortunately I have had good treatment from various specialists who have, as far as I can tell, handled my case well. Just wish there was a cure for the damned thing!


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