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Coco Krispies

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Dr. Destructo

I have come accross a marvelos find. Coco Krispies do indead exist in a somewhat different form in the US. To the best of my knowledge, there where no political connections to this incarnation of the famed Coco Krispie cereal. Aside the usual law suits that are a custom of this strange culture that is. They exist as the chocolate cosin of a popular puffed rice cereal called Rice Krispies. They differ only in thier ability to turn milk to that nausiating brown thick soup that some freakish beings enjoy. It is my recomendation to stick with Wheaties, as they are a signifigant form of dietary fiber. This also allows you to keep up on sports as each box features a photo of a sports hero. Happy dinning

-Dr. Destructo, Director
Dr. Destructo Labs.

Coco Krispies

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Hater of all that is nosey

You are extremely boring - who cares about the facts, they taste.... yyaaaaaawwwwwwwwnnnnnnnn......

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