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Making a Tobacco Pipe from an Altoid Box

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Have you lost your one and only pipe? Are you looking for something more interesting to smoke out of? Are you obsessed with Altoids? If you can say yes to any of the above questions, then you just came to the right place to learn the art of making a pipe from an Altoid box.

What the Hell are Altoids Anyway?

Altoids are very strong breath mints made by a company called 'Callard and Bowser'. There are three types of Altoid: peppermint, wintergreen, and cinnamon. These 'curiously strong' mints are packaged in individual tin cases, and contain approximately 75 Altoids per tin. The ingredients are sugar, gum arabic, oil of peppermint, gelatin, and glucose syrup. They can more than likely be purchased at your local convenience store.

Materials Needed to Make your Pipe

  • One empty Altoid box
  • Electrical tape (the black tape)
  • A nail
  • A hammer
  • Something pointy (a screwdriver will work well)
  • A pin/needle
  • Aluminium foil

Step One

  1. First, purchase a box of Altoids. Then gobble them all down at once1, leaving you with an empty box.

  2. Hammer a nail into the top of the casing where you want the 'head2' to be. Then work in the hole with the pointy object to make the hole approximately 2cm wide, or wider, depending on what capacity you want the head to hold.

  3. Next, cut a square of aluminium foil that will cover the hole made, and also make the aluminium foil an additional 2cm or so on all sides.

  4. Place the aluminium foil over the hole, then seal the perimeter of the aluminium foil with electrical tape. Now take your pin/needle and poke several holes in the aluminium foil so that air can now flow into the box via the aluminium foil 'screen'.

If you made it this far then well done, because that was the hardest part.

Step Two

  1. Now you must use the nail and hammer again to create a 'mouthpiece' into the box. This is done by balancing the box on an end and hammering a hole into the opposite side.

  2. For the finishing touch, take the electrical tape and attach it right next to the 'mouthpiece3', then start to roll the tape around the box on the edges where air can still pass through.

  3. The tape should wrap all the way around the box until it meets up again with the mouthpiece. Just be sure not to cover up the mouthpiece with the tape!

That's it! Now you can smoke your tobacco with it.

1At your own risk. You are probably better off moving the Altoids into another container.2Area in which you intend to place the tobacco you will be smoking.3Where you intend to place your mouth when inhaling.

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