A Conversation for Tips on Buying a House


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They're expensive to maintain, need decorating regularly, hard to sell, and a ball and chain. Rent instead. smiley - smiley


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Researcher 192426

Don't rent,get a good tent and live in a field (moble copmuting device opp).


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Don't rent, don't get a tent, move in with someone who's already got a house instead. Even if you split up with them, you still get half.


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Lenny (Lynette)

Don't rent! I've been renting for too long now - paying off someone else's mortgage when I could have been buying my own home. If you don't like something in your own home, you can change it. If you have damp, you can sort it out. Yes, it could cost but at least you don't have to live with aspergillus niger growing in your porch for 3 years to the detriment of your personal health!

Did I spell 'aspergillus' right?!


Post 5


Yep - Aspergillus niger smiley - smiley

I agree, Iv'e owned a house, now am forced to rent again, can't wait 'till I own my own home again (well me & The bank smiley - winkeye)

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