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Going from long to short...

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Apollyon - Grammar Fascist

Until a few weeks ago, I was a man with long hair. It went to the bottoms of my shoulder blades. My mom spent a lot of time telling me it was full of 'split ends,' (which, in the end, it was) and also incredibly greasy and lacklustre (which it wasn't). She urged me to take proper care of it, despite the fact that I did; whenever I washed it, it hit levels of frizziness and unmanageability that most people can only imagine. Mumsie said it was because I didn't wash it proerly - of course, on the two occasions I let HER wash it, it was more frizzy than a really, really frizzy thing.

Eventually, I noticed that the ends were where most of the evil frizziness was concentrated; Above my shoulders, it was perfectly nice and straight. To solve this problem, I took a scissors and sliced off the entire bottom. Big mistake. Never, EVER try to cut your own hair. I somehow ended up with something resembling a mullet. also, the ends started to get frizzy again.

So in the end, I was dragged to a barber, who was irignally just going to trim and defrizicate it, but ended up giving me genuine shortness. It apparently looks pretty good, but I now get these incredible spikes on top of my head. Hair seems to have become some dort of palstic, because no matter how much I comb it, it just returns to its original position. Ah, for the days I could give it a simple comb every morning and its own weight would keep it in place...

I've also found myself occasionally using gel on normal days; before this, I reserved all my gel for when I was going out.

Going from long to short...

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

The answer to that, of course, is cheap gel...smiley - winkeye

I really need to link to A6378744 now it's had a pic put on it should be going "live" anytimesmiley - biggrin

smiley - cheersfor the feedbacksmiley - smiley


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