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Simple Steps to help Hyperthyroid Sufferers

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I was diagnosed hyperthyroid about 9 months ago - the NHS registrar that I saw, lost my blood test results and told me I 'seemed ok to him' - as I was totally manic/depressed, having bad palpitations, not sleeping, breaking down at work and generally in fear for my sanity, I went to see a naturopath - more as a last resort than out of any deep seated belief in alternative medicine. I am so glad I did. She sat me down and sensibly went through my routine, my diet and my general health - she gave me some excellent advice which is simple and yet has had profound effects on my ability to be able to cope with this condition:

1)Sugar is the devil - don't go near it, let alone ingest it. That means biscuits, cakes, jam ANYTHING containing sugar

2)Caffeine is the spawn of the devil - no tea, coffee, diet coke etc.

3)Alcohol is going to make you feel much worse

4)Eat every 4 hours - especially make sure you have a nutritious breakfast and lunch

5)Don't eat after 8pm, make your last meal of the day light and easily digestible

As thyroxin regulates your metabolism it's really important to do everything you possibly can to take strain away from your metabolism, and to stop your metabolism putting extra stress on your heart. Sugar, and caffeine artificially increase your metabolic rate, giving you that great 'high' that gets you through those tricky moments when you just want to SLEEP. However, in the long run they leave you in an energy deficit feeling much worse. Eating natural, wholefoods that are easily digestible slows down the release of energy, making it more constant and putting less strain on your metabolism and heart.

I still have a thyroid problem, but I am coping with my symptoms so much better now.

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Simple Steps to help Hyperthyroid Sufferers

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