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Very informative. During college i studied the Book of Thoth, the egyptian tarot. the cards are absolutely breath-taking in color and meaning.

Ofcourse, i normally use the rider-waite deck just because that is what i was taught on. I also have a nifty version of lord of the rings tarot cards.

I have to admit i was a bit skeptical about tarot cards when i first began using them. I actually began by using a regular deck of playing cards equivocating them to major and minor arcana because i was too poor to buy a real deck of tarot cards. However, i've used them many times and my spreads always seem applicable to my situation at hand. Ofcourse a lot of skeptics say that the broad definitions used help with inserting meaning where there is none, i don't really think that true. After studying them for a long time, i began to discern flows that i could not learn from book or teacher. patterns.

It's all quite fascinating! i'm glad to see a guide-entry for tarot!

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tarot/book of thoth/skeptics

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