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'Not a particularly pretty place'

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Besides the above insult, the review of Sheffield is insulting for many reasons; if your researchers were able to see beyond their prejudices, they might be enlighted as to how 'pretty' Sheffield is. The review seems stale and short-sighted, drawing on the usual stereotypes. This city has more to offer than the chance of bumping into ex-members of the Human League. Check out the statistics on how much green space there is in the city, and how little violent crime there is in the centre for a start!

'Not a particularly pretty place'

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The only thing that I don't think is "pretty" in Sheff is High Street. It could benefit from some trees and greenerysmiley - erm

But when you walk around the town centre, there are so many great places to go, Peace Gardens, around the crucible, Cathedral, Winter Grdens. How can you not call these pretty?

What was the article in btw?

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'Not a particularly pretty place'

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