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More structural violence

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I was a Pacifist till I had a girlfriend and refined my view on violence when I got children.

Negativism, ignorance and domination is a form of structural violence, often leading to physical violence against their female originators.

Children are a constant source of aggression and violence, making it hard for a Pacifist to remain calm while trying not to impose structural violence upon them destroying their identities.

I think violence is a natural thing and naive pacifists like me have to give in to that.

More structural violence

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7rob7: Give Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)

Violence, like eating meat, may have been a 'natural thing' in the past - indeed, I would have trouble (despite the distaste) in arguing that it wasn't possibly a necessary thing in establishing species survival. (Assuming for argument's sake that the human race deserves survival...)

But it is no longer imperative. Once enough people reject violence (and eating our fellow Earth inhabitants is a gross example of extreme violence) as "natural" for a long enough time, then the excuses will stop.

Violence will never be legitimate - only 'justified' as 'necessary' by the perpetrators.

(The preceding was brought to you by the high-horse I rode in on, and should in no way give offense. So there.)


More structural violence

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Well, you are right. But I was speaking of structural violence. For example did you notice that in married couples the wifes tend to say "no" to whatever their hausbands say or want?

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