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Shao Wu-Xing

I'd think a lot of folks want to think of themselves as pacifists, but many times when push comes to shove, they will be just as warlike as the next guy. It just depends on what and when and where the things they value are threatened.

Personally, I had always thought of myself as a pacifist. Or maybe more accurately, as a militant pacificist. (this too is zen...) I was raised as an Air Force brat, but never wanted to join up myself, since that would mean submitting to those I had always thought of as hopelessly stupid, and of course, since it was obvious to me that these clowns had not yet risen to my level of perfection, then we couldn't have that. I still liked the trappings of military life though (yes, it's hard to understand...). Maybe it was just that as a young child, I was in a very happy home... that just happened to be on a military base, so I associate those surroundings with my happy childhood... or maybe some of h2g2's resident psychologists might like to take a crack at it. I became a member of a peaceful organization, but deep inside always had a bit of a problem with pacifism, because it kinda went against the things that "pushed my buttons" I guess. Anyway, I kept seperate from war and warlike stuff. I had always had a fascination with the sea and things nautical, and became a member of one of the seafaring services' auxiliary organizations. I've been in for 10 years now, and haven't been real active except for the past year or so. Of course, wouldn't you know it? It was that past year that has done the damage to my relationship with the peaceful organization! They feel that I am too close with a governmental entity that has as one of its duties to engage in defense activities. So, I was unceremoniously booted out. Hmmmmm...... well, now I will have to seek a new social scene, but since I have become active in this new group, I have a lot of friends who share my insane fascination for the sea, and understand the quaint diction of seafaring folk.

I'll just continue my healing ministry with folks, and somehow reconcile my need for surroundings bellicose with my neo-pacifist leanings... whatever that is...

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Pacifist Perceptions

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