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Munster OK, but not Ireland

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John Luke

The reference to the kingdom of Munster should be to the German Munster. There never was a city called Munster in Ireland although there is a province of that name. It was a kingdom a long time ago but not during the Middle Ages, perhaps not later than about 1200 A.D.

The Mennonite website which is linked to your article gives the story of the Munster events in chapter 5. It doesn't mention that it was *Catholics* who retook the city.

While I'm writing... What is a 'millennial' totalitarian sect?

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John Luke

Munster OK, but not Ireland

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Vintermann (VnnMint's updated name)

Thank's for the comments! This is my first article, and when I read the article the editors linked to about mennonites, I see I could probably have gone a bit more in depth there! smiley - smiley

The editors put in "in Ireland". God knows where they got that from!*laughs* Oh, I see, they thought I meant the county, like you said...

Was it the protestants who recaptured the city? I will check my sources!

Millennial should read millennialistic. (I'm not sure if it was in the original article or if it was changed by editing, I'll go and see). A doomsday sect in other words, who expect that 'the millennium', the thousand-year rule of Christ on earth in the book of Revelations, is right around the corner. I picked up that word from a series of articles in a magazine published by norwegian humanists. You're right, it should have an explanation.

Munster OK, but not Ireland

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a better term for milleniastic would be millenarian ( see Norman Cohn's book on "IN PURSUIT of the MILLENNIUM "for more info on this subject.

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