A Conversation for Greek Myths - The Trojan War

Kassandra, and Laocoön

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Hi! Remember Kassandra? She warned the Trojans that there was soldiers hidden in the horse, but nobody believed her. Remember the story of Kassandra? LeKZ talked about it recently on FoLKZ.

And remember Laocoön and his sons? He also warned against the Greeks ... but then the gods who favoured the Greeks made serpents come forth from the sea and they twined their bodies around Laocoön and his sons, strangling them. A very classic sculpture was made of it, which you can easily find by search engine.

There's also the famous quote, 'Beware Greeks Bearing Gifts'. If you put that in a search engine, you get lots and lots of 'Xena the Warrior Princess' pages, and stuff about computer viruses! IF YOU GET A MESSAGE IN THE SHAPE OF A HUGE WOODEN HORSE, DO NOT DOWNLOAD IT!!! Ha ha!

Kassandra, and Laocoön

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Researcher 168963

Hello, didn't see you there. I guess that's what happens when you don't subscribe to you entires, or check your conversations often enough.

Anyway, yeah I forgot about Laocoon. That's the problem with this project- it's something that interests me, but I don't have the underlying knowledge. I must research, I must research, I must....

Thanks for pointing that out smiley - biggrin

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