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Useful Methods of Restoring Perkiness to Your Morning

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When the alarm goes off, most people immediately feel the sinking dread that can only come from knowing that getting out of bed is as horrible as the consequences of sleeping in. Everyone has their own methods of attempting to countermand that dread, but not all of them work very well. This is a group of useful methods of overcoming the horror of the morning, and the pros and cons of each one.

Extra-strong Coffee

The problem with strong coffee is that it is an acquired taste and acquiring it means choking it down until you get used to the bitter flavour. The other problem that arises is caffeine dependency, which leads to unpleasant mornings of doom when you are out of coffee or don't have time to make a cup. One way of overcoming any problems you may have with strong or black coffee is to make it less strong so that it is not too bitter to drink. This means that you have to drink more cups, but it gives you less of a caffeine shock and won't make you as dependent because you won't be as likely to drink more than necessary.

Brisk Walk

If you have time for it and can make yourself get out the door, there is nothing like a nice walk around town to make you wake up. However, it takes time that a lot of people don't have or would rather spend working. If you set your alarm clock a little early to give yourself the time to go for a walk, it could be well worth it in the long run.


It is best to do yoga before eating while still in your pyjamas. Use one of those CDs of a yoga instructor saying what stretches to do while light music plays in the background. It can be very refreshing and doesn't require getting ready as with a walk, but on the other hand it requires that you spend a while looking up and learning how to do the poses, and sometimes find that you simply can't keep up with the CD. However, if you do look up the poses online (not always necessary - stretches are often explained by the yoga instructor) and get a beginners CD, it will make you more relaxed and improve your flexibility. You can also get a DVD so you can copy the yoga instructor.

Big Breakfast

Some people find that a fried egg and a few strips of bacon along with two slices of toast spread with raspberry jam is the best thing to charge their energy. On the downside, big breakfasts aren't always good for you, and they take a while to prepare. If you can find a big breakfast that you like but isn't too unhealthy, such as a large bowl of oatmeal or something with lots of onions, beans and potatoes, then you can find yourself ready to face the day.

Sugar Breakfast

A doughnut and some sweets and a cola can make you energetic. However, eating sugary things every morning is undoubtedly bad for your health. And the effects wear off quickly, leaving you worse than you started. A small amount of sugar in the morning (such as one mini chocolate bar) occasionally won't affect your health that much and can be a good backup for days when you don't think you'll be able to clear your mind.

Get Into Your Comfort Zone

Play some music you like, read a chapter from a book you enjoy, do something to make yourself happy, but don't stay in bed while you do. That will make you sleepier. The goal is to feel better about the day you have to face and march forward bravely and willingly. On the downside, it doesn't do much to actually wake you up. If you like loud music like rock, though, it probably will wake you up, and make you happier about the day ahead of you.


Tea is good for waking you up but, unlike with coffee, it takes little effort to get to love it. And the variety is endless, which can make your morning a little more interesting. Also, it does not act as immediately as coffee, causing less of an unpleasant jerk. On the downside, you can also get dependent on it. The best way to keep from getting dependent is to not drink tea on days that you don't have to go to work or school. This will allow you to catch up on the rest you didn't get while drinking tea and keep you used to getting up without it. Alternatively, you can drink decaf or green tea and not get addicted, though it doesn't do as much to wake you up.

Refreshing Shower

If you take a hot shower in the morning you will not feel as awake afterwards as if you take a cold shower. While this may not be preferable in winter, it can refresh you and make you more willing to meet the day.

Give Yourself the Illusion of Sleeping In

Set your alarm early so you can hit the snooze button and wake up gradually. This works beautifully for some but, for others, the temptation to unplug the alarm and go right back into hibernation is too great. If you put the plug in your alarm somewhere where you can't reach it without getting out of bed, you can correct this effect.

All of these methods are right for some, so you should be able to find one that works for you.

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