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Yeah, those little sushi rolls--the ones you can eat in one bite. Mmm.


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The Researcher formally known as Dr St Justin

Sushi doesn't *have* to have raw fish in it. You can either use cooked fish, or leave it out entirely.

To make sushi, you will need:

Rice - a short grained, starchy variety. *Don't* wash it before you cook it - the extra starch helps bind the sushi together. Cook the rice in an equal volume of water, simmering for 20 mins. Then turn off the heat, put a tight fitting lid in the pan, and allow to steam for another 10 mins.
Then stir in one tablespoon of sushi vinegar per cup of rice - mix it quickly and evenly. Allow the rice to cool - you may like to spread it on a baking tray to cool faster.

Nori - sheets of seaweed that form the outer layer of the sushi.

Fish/vegetables - shredded cod, crab, prawns, etc... for the fish (if used), avocado, peppers, ginger, mushroms (shitake are traditional), cucumber... Cut into strips.

To make the sushi, dollop a spoonful of the (by now quite sticky) rice onto one end of a nori sheet. Spread it to within about 1/2 an inch of the edges, to cover about 1/2 of the nori sheet. Place on a couple of strips of fish/vegetables. Some seasoning should also be used - I'm not too sure what though! Then it's just a question of rolling it up. It's easier if you place the whole lot on a bamboo mat, and use this to pull the nori over the top. As you roll, 'peel back' the mat, so you don't end up with the mat in the sushi! Then use a sharp, wet knife to slice into thin rolls. (the moisture helps prevent the knife sticking)

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