A Conversation for American Superhero Comic Books

LOL! ( + nitpicks)

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What a great Entry! smiley - biggrin Very informative and yet so extremely entertaining and amusing! smiley - smiley I'd continue praising it, but then you might think I'm a Fanboy... (And now, obviously, you'll think I'm a Closet Reader! smiley - yikes)

And I can see that the Researcher enjoyed Homer's interpretation of... OK, whatever that classical piece is called.

I have only one tiny nitpick. In the next-to-last sentence in the fourth paragraph, it says "A comics underground began to flourish in the sixites [...]". ("sixites" -> "sixties")

Great stuff! smiley - ok

LOL! ( + nitpicks)

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I was actually attempting to point out that the sixties were an exciting time by combining the two words "sixties" and "excites"! Heh. ahem. smiley - winkeye

Good catch, ioath smiley - smiley

LOL! ( + nitpicks)

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or, rather, iaoth! Not doing well today, am I? smiley - sadface

LOL! ( + nitpicks)

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Fixed smiley - smiley

LOL! ( + nitpicks)

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many thanks - far too numerous to list smiley - smiley

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