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Lear (the Unready)

This article reads as well as it did when I first saw it in Peer Review about a year and a half ago. The good news is that it is linked to from the front page today in the 'Have you missed?' section, which is how I found it again after so long. I don't drop by here very often these days. But articles like this remind me of why I used to, once upon a time...

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Sho - employed again!

I saw it briefly in Peer Review, but it scrambled my brain and I gave up. However, reading it again today, it's far more clear. It's scrambled my entire head.

Hugely entertaining, well written and .... this is a pretty near perfect example, IMO, of an h2g2 entry.

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Otto Fisch ("Just like the Mauritian Badminton Doubles Champion, 1973")

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Thanks guys, you're far too kind.

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That Silly Clanger

I'd like to second the praise. If only I'd seen this earlier!
Just popping down to Oxford for a PPE Interview, and it would really have helped if I'd have seen all this stuff earlier.
I don't suppose you can start and finish Sophies Choice on a 3 hour train journey?

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Sho - employed again!

You could, but unless you're a good speed reader i'm not sure how much you'd retain. You could just read all the philosophy lessons and miss out the inbetween bits about Sophie.

Good luck!

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