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Dunham on the Hill, Cheshire, UK

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Dunham on the Hill1 is a tiny farming village on the Cheshire Edge in the north west of England. The village is found on the A56 between Chester (about 7 miles) and Warrington (about 14 miles). Nearby villages include Helsby, Elton, Alvanley and Barrow.

The original name of the village, 'Dunham', meaning 'settlement on a hill', has changed over the years to become 'Dunham on the Hill', giving the village the rather peculiar name which literally means 'settlement on a hill on the hill'.


Dunham Hill is in no way a tourist area, however it does attract visitors from nearby towns to its biggest business - the Wheatsheaf Inn. The Wheatsheaf2 is a family-friendly pub with indoor and outdoor children's play areas and is frequently used for children's parties.

Dunham Hill also has a Caravan Club Site. However, this is a members-only attraction.

Facilities for Locals

There are few in the way of facilities for locals in Dunham Hill. For food and other amenities it is necessary to take a trip to another nearby village.

The village has a regular bus service3 which runs every half hour. The buses are numbers X30 and 21 (running alternately). X30s run from Warrington, through Dunham to Chester, while 21s run from Runcorn through Dunham to Chester. The buses are run by various different companies but you will usually find that you can get a return ticket to Chester for about £3. The bus services have come to an agreement to accept each other's return tickets.

Also in the village is a small Anglican church named St Luke's. There are weekly services at 9.30 on Sunday mornings, and evening services on special occasions.

The other major facility for locals in Dunham Hill is the 'Community Project', which manages the buildings that used to form a small primary school. The premises are now used for local community activities, and an independent day school for children aged 3 - 11 years rents part of the site. Older children travel by school bus to Helsby High School, about three miles away. Due to laws which allow children living three miles from secondary school free transport, some inhabitants of this small village get free travel; a fact which is resented by inhabitants just a few metres away who are forced to pay to travel on this service.

Public Events

Details of public events can be found on the village notice board outside the post office. These are usually things such as the School Fair or the Village Fête.

School Fairs happen approximately once every year, but not necessarily at the same time. The Village Fête is held annually, at some point during the month of June. Other events are either (or both) less frequent and/or more irregular than these.

1Shortened to Dunham Hill or Dunham but not to be confused with another Cheshire village called Dunham Massey.2Many pubs in the Cheshire area have this name because the Cheshire symbol is the wheatsheaf.3There are other services but these are very infrequent. For example on one day of the week there is a bus to Ellesmere Port (a local town).

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