A Conversation for Creating Great Fancy Dress Costumes

80s icon-new romantic(male)

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For this you will need :
*Spiky hair(natural)/hair stuck up with hair cream
*Eyes-plenty of eyeliner,preferably not in eyeball.At all.
*Lips-dazzling or dark lipstick.Not pantomime dame stylee.
*Cheeks-several stripes of varying colourlipstick.Alternatively 1 big white stripe Adam ant style via Aussie cricketers.
*Frilly white blouse with long white cuffs.I used an extravagant dress suit shirt.
*Tight jeans-which could be ripped although i just went with tight.
*Immaculately patterned,old waistcoat-previously used with a dinnerjacket
*Big black boots/D.M's.(Note do not dance on wet floor especially with steel toe caps.It will hurt and one will look like a pwat)
*Come hither look.Optional-depends on previous two and quantity of alcohol consumed before leaving
*Know at least one other person at the party you are going to,even if every body else has neglected to follow "80s fancy dress"code on invite smiley - smiley

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Demon Drawer

Get a big blond wig into a coiffure.

Wear that Arran Sweater that you Gran knitted for you when you were 10 and is still far to big.

Add a pork pie hat.

Tight trousers and deck shoes

Hey presto Nick Heyward.

Alternative 2 Madness

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Demon Drawer

Get a group of mates together and all wear the following.


Pork Pie hats

Black suits, if a size too small even better

White Shirt

Tight Black Trousers (even though they sang Baggy Trousers don't get confused)

White Socks

Black shoes

A black keyboard, or other colour leather tie (easily available at a local charity shop)

Get some kiddies plastic instrument Sax, trumpet, guitar etc

Walk into the party in a straight line very close together, and not only do you have a great custom buit also a grand entrance.

Alternative 2 Madness

Post 4


Any suggestions for female costumes for the same era??

Alternative 2 Madness

Post 5

Demon Drawer

Leggings, ankle warmers, a jacket with shoulder pads over a ripped t-shirt and a full can of hairspray for big hair

Alternative 2 Madness

Post 6

Demon Drawer

Oh and plenty of chunky jewellery a la early Madonna

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