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Snuggle Bunnies - the Game

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Two people snuggling up to each other on a leopard skin sofa.

It seems that some people do not know what Snuggle Bunnies are, and the ones that do know have some very interesting comments on them. This entry was made to clear up a few points and educate those of you out there that have not heard of Snuggle Bunnies. Snuggle Bunnies will be discussed as if it is a game because, for all intents and purposes, that is exactly what it is.

Snuggle Bunnies is basically cuddling with someone that you care about. You and the other person hold each other with the goal of becoming one being with one heart beat and one breath, called a Snuggle Bunny. Due to physical limitations this goal should not actually be achieved because that would be the end of two separate entities (or bunnies) and the start of a huge sci-fi monster. Needless to say that would be bad.

What Are Snuggle Bunnies?

To become a Snuggle Bunny or to play Snuggle Bunnies (depending on how you look at it) you need two people. These two people lay with one another wrapped or intertwined into a comfortable position (this can be slightly sitting up but you do need at least a 30° reverse lean). Now that the two people are intertwined they try not to move too much. Too much moving can either destroy the Snuggle Bunny or change the game to something that goes well beyond the Snuggle and turns into doing something like a rabbit. There can be many activities associated with Snuggle Bunnies. The bunnies may read, watch a movie, listen to music, or just sort of drift off together into a peaceful sleep. A very popular method is for one to read and the other to drift off to sleep. The experience is usually good no matter what the activity involved is. The thing is, the two people are as close as they can possibly be, mixing their auras (if you believe in that sort of thing) and basically syncing up to one another. Professional Snuggle Bunnies' hearts will start syncing up and beat at the same time.

When Do you Play Snuggle Bunnies?

Snuggle Bunnies can be played at any time. Time should be adjusted to the work schedules of the two bunnies. Many people prefer a nice lazy Saturday afternoon. It is best if it is not too hot or humid in the house because the two bunnies might get overheated. Winter is the best season for Snuggle Bunnies because you keep each other warm while it is still cold outside.

Who Do you Play Snuggle Bunnies with?

Snuggle Bunnies is usually played between two people who are going out with one another, but it is not limited to this. The important thing is that the bunnies care for one another. The relationship of the two bunnies only changes a little of the game play.

Where Do you Play Snuggle Bunnies?

The playing field can be located in a number of places but you should pick the place that you are going to be playing on three main factors:

  • The activity the bunnies will be engaged in
  • If the two bunnies will be disturbed
  • The two bunnies' comfort

It stands to reason that if you are going to watch a movie together or at least one of the bunnies is, and your only TV is in the living room, that you will be playing in the living room. If you are going into the living room then you must remember it is more likely that you will be disturbed if there are more than just those two bunnies in the house. In the living room there are many different places to play Snuggle Bunnies. The couch most often is used but a love seat or even the floor will work. Snuggle Bunnies does work great on a bed so you may think about moving to the bedroom. Another popular place is a sleeping bag out on a camping trip or in the car on a long trip. Wherever you decide to play, remember the three main factors listed above and how they will affect your game.

What Are the Rules for the Game of Snuggle Bunnies?

With any game there are rules. The rules for Snuggle Bunnies are quite simple. Here is a list of the most common rules. House rules may vary...

  • Both people must be willing to play. (No one can be forced into playing or it defeats the purpose).

  • The people do not need to start out playing Snuggle Bunnies but can actually move from another game into the Snuggle Bunnies game.

  • Hands off places that make the other bunny uncomfortable. That kills the game.

  • Only slight resistance and joking are allowed when the other bunny must get up.

  • No answering phone calls unless it is agreed before the game that it is allowed.

  • If one bunny is involved in an activity involving sound (ie, music or TV) and the other bunny is sleeping the amount of noise cannot wake the sleeping bunny.

  • No eating food while in the Snuggle Bunny position.

  • Slight petting and pecking is allowed. If it moves beyond that the Snuggle Bunnies game has stopped and a totally different game has started with its own set of house rules.

  • Snoring is only allowed if it does not affect the other bunny.

  • Both bunnies should know the house rules beforehand. If one bunny breaks a house rule that is not known or discussed beforehand, they should be let off with a warning.

  • Victim bunny will decide penalties.

  • Bunnies should have good personal hygiene and be clean before start of game.

  • Bunnies should not be offended with sweat that develops during game play.

Great Things about Snuggle Bunnies

  • Costs nothing to play.
  • Game can always be fun.
  • Relationships can grow by playing Snuggle Bunnies.
  • One of the only games where players with a little extra padding are a good thing (ie, a little softer rounder bunny).
  • Can be played all year round.
  • Everybody wins at Snuggle Bunnies.
  • Time is never wasted playing Snuggle Bunnies.

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