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As I said in Peer Review, I'm still not sure why flocci has to be related to floccipendo. Just 'floccus' means:

floccus , i, m., a lock or flock (of wool, on clothes, in fruits, etc.).

- I. Lit.: ...

- II. Transf., something trifling, insignificant, of no account (most freq., esp. with
negatives, and in the phrase flocci
facere, to make no account of, to care not a straw for; v. the foll.).

Interestingly, when I look this up on Perseus, I also get a reference to:

naucum , i, n., or naucus , i, m. [etym. dub.; cf. hugae] , something slight or trivial,
a trifle:

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Definition of flocci

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