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Quick and easy card trick

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Din'Amarth, Keeper of all bad jokes, exept those which are stunningly bad.

This is just about the simplest card trick of all time. What you do is spread a deck out in your hands and have someone pick a card at ramdom(you know, one of those good ol' 'pick a card any card' deals). Have them remember what card it was but do not look at it. Square the deck off and sneak a peak at the bottom card. Have the person place the card on the bottom of the deck. Cut the deck and start going through cards. Their's will be the one just after the one that was on the bottom. With parctice you can even shoufle the deck and keep the two cards together. The person's card will always be the one after the one on the bottom if the two stay together.

Did that make any sense at all?


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