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Okay, this is an easy trick but it does take some luck and practice.

The aim is to make your audiance think you can levitate so give it some razzale-dazzle and don't repeat the trick once you've done it or they'll cotton-on to its secret.

Put everybody who is watching slightly behind you to one side lets say your right side.

Then put your feet together with your left foot slightly in front of the other so that the left foot is masked from the audiance by your right. Now very slowly and with great pomp and circumstance lift your self up with your left foot till you are on tippy-toes , from you audiances perspective it will look like you are hovering above the floor.

The two keys are practicing till you can do it smoothly and keeping your audiance in such as posistion that your left leg stays out of thier view for the entire trick.


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This is known as the Balducci levitation and you might have seen David Blaine performing it on one of his TV specials (although what you actually see is the audience reaction to him performing it, the levitation he actually does on camera uses wires and a portable rig..)

Key point is really in the angle your audience are watching from. Get that wrong and you're just going to look stupid.

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